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With A Little Lust
With A Little Lust

Sequence of author: Beeline double novel(№65535)

With A Little Lust

Jill Redyforit

Erotic, Sex

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Jill Redyforit With A Little Lust Chapter 1 All cunts are not identical! The joker who coined that old cliche 'all cats are grey in the dark' either had extremely limited experience with pussy or simply wasn't a dedicated pussymuncher. Anyway, all cunts possess both individual and general characteristics which distinguish them from one another. They can be loosely categorized into several groups: thin-lipped, full-lipped, loose-lipped; small, medium, and large; boldly wanton, pristine, succulent and darkly sensual; dry, juicy, very juicy; ruby red, hot pink, and, of course, black. Those general differences, along with the great range of muscular control capabilities, variety of clitoris sizes and nuances of smell, combine to make for great variation in cunts. The one I was eating was a beaut! Couched beneath a softly rounded mons veneris, shrouded by thick, golden curls of crisp pubic hair, its firm, rubbery labia majora were firm, full and...