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Mom Runs Wild
Mom Runs Wild

Sequence of author: Beeline double novel(№63351)

Mom Runs Wild

Sandi Sweetass

Erotic, Sex

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Sandi Sweetass Mom Runs Wild Chapter 1 Martin Hale went to the window or the small rented cabin and parted the red gingham drapes. His eyes traveled across the heavily wooded landscape of the New England mountains and finally settled on the crisp blue water of Lake Merriam. But Martin kept searching until he saw her, his daughter, Jane. She was floating on a yellow air mattress about twenty feet out in the calm water. Her bright red bikini contrasted with the yellow of the mattress to make her look like some kind or comfortable fishing float. Martin was more aware of the contrast between the skimpy red bikini and Jane's thoroughly exposed flesh. Well-tanned, smooth flesh, the flesh of an eighteen-year-old girl full of health, vigor and overly eager ideas. When he'd first seen the string bikini earlier in the week Martin's gut reaction was one of shock she looked naked the thing hardly covered anything and everything it didn't cover was just too...