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Her Hidden Treasures
Her Hidden Treasures

Sequence of author: Beeline double novel(№65535)

Her Hidden Treasures

Al Theway

Erotic, Sex

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Al Theway Her Hidden Treasures Chapter 1 "… should be arriving anytime now, Don," the graying man in the smart business suit was saying as he finished his roll, tomato juice and coffee in the dining room of Paris' Orly Airport. "You'll like her, I'm sure. A real sexy thing… and young. You should get along famously, all right. Here are your two passports-the fictitious ones. You'll be staying at the Continental. Hotel near Place Vendome… as man and wife, of course. Have you familiarized yourself with Dallas, Texas?" "Look, sir," Don spoke, gesturing with his hands, "I can do this job myself! A… a damned female agent posing as my wife is no good. So Louisa Lanay, the Number One Communist spy in Paris is kinky about her sex. So what? Good gosh, "Alfa," I've seduced outright Lesbians by myself before I It's downgrading for me! It's… " "I said, Mr. Cabot-Number One agent for Western Intelligence-have you familiarized yourself with Dallas, Texas?"...