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I Need More
I Need More!

Sequence of author: Beeline double novel(№60302)

I Need More!

Libby Doe

Erotic, Sex

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Libby Doe I Need More! Chapter 1 Michael was late. "Hurry!" I yelled at him. "Get your coat on!" He was holding his school bag in his teeth while he tried to pull his coat on. I reached over and helped him with the sleeves and then zipped the zipper. I pulled the hood around his face and tied it tightly. "Now, hurry!" I repeated. "The school bus won't wait all morning!" A short blare from the bus horn confirmed my threat. "One minute!" I yelled out the kitchen window. I bent down and kissed my son on the cheek and then ushered him to the door. The chill morning air curled into the warmth of the kitchen as I opened the door. I could feel its icy breath billowing up between the loose folds of my pajamas, touching my hidden nakedness. I clutched my robe more tightly against my breast. "Don't forget your milk money!" I shouted to Michael as he stepped onto the school bus. He nodded, and the bus was gone. I closed the kitchen door,...