Carry Me Down
Carry Me Down

Year of publication: 2007

Carry Me Down

M J Hyland

Modern Prose

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M. J. Hyland Carry Me Down For Stewart Andrew Muir (if only there were more like you) 1 It is January, a dark Sunday in winter, and I sit with my mother and father at the kitchen table. My father sits with his back to the table, his feet pressed against the wall, a book in his lap. My mother sits to my right and her book rests on the table. I sit close to her, and my chair, which faces the window, is near the heat of the range. There is a pot of hot tea in the middle of the table and we each have a cup and plate. There are ham and turkey sandwiches on the plates and, if we want more to eat or drink, there is plenty. The pantry is full. From time to time we stop reading to talk. It is a good mood, as though we are one person reading one book — not three people apart and alone. These kinds of days are the perfect ones. Through the small, square window I can see the narrow country road that leads to the town of Gorey and,...

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