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Hot n juicy Lucy
Hot 'n juicy Lucy

Sequence of author: Beeline double novel(№65535)

Hot 'n juicy Lucy

Bob Katt

Erotic, Sex

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Bob Katt Hot 'N Juicy Lucy Chapter 1 I'd have no troubles if it wasn't for my big, fat prick. For twenty-three years it's caused me more grief than a wife. The troubles were small when I was a schoolboy: the cane on the seat of my pants for fingering up a little girl while she stroked my prick. But now I'm a big boy I'm in real hot trouble. My big, fat prick doesn't give me a moment's peace. Paradoxically, I wouldn't be without it for anything in the world! But it's balled up my whole life. My prick has got personality and ideas of its own. It often refuses to obey me. Our plans are sometimes so divergent that we're in violent conflict. And I always lose out. My prick's so strong and vigorous, I get carried along by it like driftwood in a mill race. My present troubles were aggravated to explosion point by my prick's interest in Janet. Personally, I want no part of Janet. She's not a bad girl, but she's got grave defects. Although she's only...