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Sexual Free-For-All
Sexual Free-For-All

Sequence of author: Beeline double novel(№65535)

Sexual Free-For-All

Don Keye

Erotic, Sex

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Don Keye Sexual Free-For-All Chapter 1 Bert Ellis was daydreaming again. His gaze was softly focused on the figure of Carole van der Hoff as she jumped and gyrated at cheerleader practice. Bert couldn't hear the cheers extolling the virtues of fighting for good old Walter Williams Memorial High School, but he had a great view of the incredibly sexy girl. Her blonde hair rocketed up and gently floated down with every graceful leap; Bert imagined those Delft china-blue eyes fastened on him, lustful and wanton. Her firm, young tits barely swayed or bounced. That was good. Bert didn't like big floppy boobs. At least, he didn't think he did. He wasn't sure what he really liked in a woman. He had lots of fantasies-Carole's seduction being the primary one in his head right now-but damn little experience. Ji pressed on the issue, Bert would have to admit to no experience at all. He was a virgin. The heartening words of some sage kept coming back to his...