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Dr. Klows Gallery Of Women: Bette
Dr. Klow's Gallery Of Women: Bette

Sequence of author: Beeline double novel(№1182)

Dr. Klow's Gallery Of Women: Bette

Dr Guenter Klow

Erotic, Sex

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Dr. Guenter Klow Dr. Klow's Gallery Of Women: Bette Chapter 1 "Stop behaving like a bloody twit," Bette told her naked reflection in the full length mirror. "There isn't going to be any change in how you look after you get rid of your virginity." "But are you sure? Really sure?" her reflection seemed to ask. "Shut up and get into your panties so Derek can get you out of them and get rid of that seal in your pussy." Before leaving the bathroom, Bette paused as if to take inventory of her physical assets. She counted two breasts. They were neither big nor small, she decided, just average in size. "They are beautiful," she mused aloud as she fondled the firmly jutting, creamy white breasts and watched pink nipples darken and elongate. "Derek will love my breasts. God, it's going to feel so good when he does things with his hands and mouth. I just know he'll suck my breasts. Will I feel like a mother having a baby suck? No, I'll feel horny,...