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Palace Of Lust
Palace Of Lust

Sequence of author: Beeline double novel(№61992)

Palace Of Lust

Marc Mixer

Erotic, Sex

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Marc Mixer Palace Of Lust Chapter 1 The windshield wipers briskly labored back and forth. In the drenching rain, each wipe swept away solid sheets of water. One moment the windshield was crystal clear; the next moment it was splashed with an opaque wall of water. In the clear moments Stephanie could see the headlights of her Mark Four Continental slicing through the massive downpour. The twin cones of light illuminated the circular drive leading to the front gate of Pasha's modern California mansion. The mansion, often referred to as "The House of a Thousand Orgies," was now dark and quiet. Silent… as the hush of death! But the relentless sounds of the swishing windshield wipers exploded in Stephanie's tormented and nerve-wracked brain. Tears of sorrow and hysteria streamed down her face. Her long, sensuous red hair, normally well-groomed, was now wild and unkempt, like the mane of an African lion. Her tattered and torn dress was soaking wet. The...