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Sex For Everyone
Sex For Everyone

Sequence of author: Beeline double novel(№62102)

Sex For Everyone

Marc Mixer

Erotic, Sex

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Marc Mixer Sex For Everyone Chapter 1 Just masturbating, that's all. And dreaming, that's all. Picturing herself moving her warm lips over Larry's enormous penis head, taking it into her wet, saliva-filled mouth. She saw herself letting her tongue flicker around the smooth and almost tasteless crown of the pulsing organ. Larry had always liked that. All the men in her life had. She thought for a split second about Marvin and her teenage years. Marvin had been the first one to introduce her to the delicious sucking game. Tasteless but delicious? How could that be? But it was, and she decided not to think anymore of Marvin. Larry, yes, Larry. And he'd be home any minute now… after so long. And she remembered the first night Larry and she had been together, before they married. That seemed so long ago. And what he said: "Hmmm: You have a hairy pussy, Gertie." "Do you like hairy twats, Larry?" she had answered with a question. Now she heard the key in...