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Her Peak Of Passion
Her Peak Of Passion

Sequence of author: Beeline double novel(№62081)

Her Peak Of Passion

Nell Morrow

Erotic, Sex

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Nell Morrow Her Peak Of Passion Chapter 1 Jo Daniels became conscious of the damp feeling at her crotch, turning cooler now in the night air coming through the open door of the patio. She bent over to look between her legs. A wet stain loomed accusingly there, and she hurried through the room on into her bedroom. She undid her pants and peeled them away from her middle. Holding them up she looked again, as if fascinated by what she had done in them. She caught the heady scent of her honey on them, and somehow the pants drew close to her nose so that she could take the dizzying fragrance deep into her senses. She glimpsed at herself in the big mirror in the room, and shame washed over her again. She snatched the pants down, as if hiding her activities from herself, and glared at her image as if challenging it. She had seen a young boy as she was coming home, and she had followed him to where he lived. He reminded her so much of Mario. It was as...