The Long War
The Long War

ISBN: 9780062067777
Year of publication: 2013
Sequence of author: The long earth(№2)

The Long War

Stephen Baxter
Terry Pratchett

Science fiction

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Terry Pratchett, Stephen Baxter The Long War Dedication For Lyn and Rhianna, as always T.P. For Sandra S.B. 1 On an alternate world, two million steps from Earth: The troll female was called Mary by her handlers, Monica Jansson read on the rolling caption on the video clip. No one knew what the troll called herself. Now two of those handlers, both men, one in a kind of spacesuit, faced Mary as she cowered in a corner of what looked like a high-tech laboratory—if a beast built like a brick wall covered in black fur could be said to cower at all—and she held her cub to her powerful chest. The cub, itself a slab of muscle, was similarly dressed up in its own silvery spacesuit, with wires dangling from sensors attached to its flat skull. “Give him back, Mary,” one of the men could be heard to say. “Come on now. We’ve been planning this test for a long time. George here will haul him over into the Gap in his...