ISBN: 9781442414297
Year of publication: 2014
Sequence of author: Pathfinder(№3)


Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Visitors by Orson Scott Card To Kathleen Bellamy Part of every project, Shepherd of so many sheep: Thank you for the freedom and support Chapter 1 Copies The Place: From the surface of the planet Garden, it looks like a plateau surrounded by a steep cliff, with a mountain in the middle. But from space, it is plain that the plateau is a huge crater, and the mountain is its center point. Buried deep beneath that central mountain is a starship. It crashed into the planet Garden 11,203 years ago. Yet the starship was launched from near-Earth orbit only nineteen years ago. It journeyed seven years, then made the jump that was meant to create an anomaly in spacetime and appear near Garden instantaneously. It was instantaneous to Ram Odin, the pilot of the starship—the only living person awake on the starship. But compared to the surrounding universe, the ship arrived 11,191 years before it made the jump. In the...

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