The Lonely Dead
The Lonely Dead

Year of publication: 2004
Sequence of author: Straw men(№2)

The Lonely Dead

Майкл Маршалл Смит

Alternative history, Detective science fiction, Social science fiction

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MICHAEL MARSHALL THE LONELY DEAD About the author: Michael Marshall is a novelist and screenwriter. Before writing the bestselling The Straw Men he had already established a successful writing career under the name Michael Marshall Smith. His groundbreaking first novel, Only Forward, won the Philip K. Dick and August Derleth awards; its critically acclaimed successors, Spares and One of Us, have both been optioned by major Hollywood studios. He lives in North London with his wife. MICHAEL MARSHALL THE LONELY DEAD (The Upright Man) The second book in the Straw Men series Version 1.0 British Fantasy Society (nominee) Copyright © 2004 by Michael Marshall ISBN 1-84395-665-9 For my father Yakima We met in the parking lot of the Yakima mall. Yakima is a small city in central Washington State. It's a city in the sense that it calls itself one; it has a mall in that you can go indoors and shop without views of the outside...