A Fall of Moondust
A Fall of Moondust


A Fall of Moondust

Arthur Charles Clarke

Science fiction

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A Fall of Moondust by Arthur C. Clarke To Liz and Mike CHAPTER 1 To be the skipper of the only boat on the Moon was a distinction that Pat Harris enjoyed. As the passengers filed aboard Selene, jockeying for window seats, he wondered what sort of trip it would be this time. In the rear-view mirror he could see Miss Wilkins, very smart in her blue Lunar Tourist Commission uniform, putting on her usual welcome act. He always tried to think of her as “Miss Wilkins”, not Sue, when they were on duty together; it helped to keep his mind on business. But what she thought of him, he had never really discovered. There were no familiar faces; this was a new bunch, eager for their first cruise. Most of the passengers were typical tourists — elderly people, visiting a world that had been the very symbol of inaccessibility when they were young. There were only four or five passengers on the low side of thirty, and they were probably technical personnel on vacation from one of the lunar...