A Midsummer Tempest
A Midsummer Tempest

ISBN: 0812530799
Year of publication: 1984

A Midsummer Tempest

Poul Anderson


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A Midsummer Tempest by Poul Anderson To Karen with thanks for twenty years of love I A midsummer tempest. Thunder and lightning. A heath about to be blasted. Throughout that sullen day, cannon had spoken from time to time between the confronting armies. Otherwise there was no move of war. First Rupert waited for the Yorkshiremen; afterward he waited for morning, aware that meanwhile hunger, and memory of the defeats he had already dealt them, would gnaw his enemies for him. But as evening drew in, clouds massed blue-black across heaven. A wind hooted bleak beneath, snickering in the whins. The gloom flared and banged. Now God lets loose His own artillery, went through Rupert. Across its noise came a sound nearly as deep and more harsh. The drumfire of a Roundhead hymn replies. They seem to think the storm’s a sign to them. He touched spurs to horse and trotted along the ranks of his cavalry and musketeers till he found the man he...

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