The Star Fox
The Star Fox

ISBN: 0425051773
Year of publication: 1981
Sequence of author: Gunnar heim(№1)

The Star Fox

Poul Anderson

Space science fiction

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The Star Fox by Poul Anderson Part One MARQUE AND REPRISAL I “Le roi a fait battre tambour, Le roi a fait battre tambour—” Gunnar Heim halted in midstride. He stood a while, turning his head in search of the voice that had risen out of the dark. “Pour voir toutes ces dames. Et la premiere qu’il a vue—” It was some distance off, almost lost in the background of machine rumble to landward of the docks. But only one man was likely to be making his mock with that sinister old ballad, in San Francisco on this night. “Lut a ravi son ame. Rataplan! Rataplan! Rataplan-plan-plan-plan!” Heim started after the sound. He could still move fast and softly when he wanted to. In a moment his ears picked up the ring and snarl of a guitar played in anger. “Rataplan! Rataplan! Rataplan-plan-plan-plan!” ...

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