Sequence of author: Destiny's children(№1)


Stephen Baxter

Space science fiction

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Resplendent For my grandfathers, Private Frederick William Richmond, 20th Battalion the King’s Regiment (the Liverpool Pals), 1914-1917, and Company Sergeant-Major William Henry Baxter, King’s Own Shropshire Light Infantry, 1903-1919. My name is Luru Parz. I was born in the year AD 5279, as humans once counted time. Now I have lived so long that such dates have no meaning. We have lost the years, lost them in orders of magnitude. Nevertheless, I am still here. I was born on Earth. But Earth was not human then. It belonged to our conquerors, the Qax. PART ONE: RESURGENCE CADRE SIBLINGS AD 5301 Before she was called into Gemo Cana’s office for her awkward new assignment, Luru Parz had never thought of her work as destructive. Cana stood before the window, a portal whose natural light betrayed her high status in the Extirpation Directorate. Red-gold sunset...