Xeelee: Endurance
Xeelee: Endurance

Year of publication: 2015

Xeelee: Endurance

Stephen Baxter

Space science fiction

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Xeelee:Endurance It was the fourth millennium. Earth was restored. Great engineering projects had stabilised and preserved the planet’s fragile ecosystem: Earth was the first planet to be terraformed. Meanwhile, the Solar System was opened up. Based in the orbit of Jupiter, an engineer called Michael Poole industriously took microscopic wormholes – natural flaws in spacetime – and expanded them to make transit links big enough to pass spaceships, enabling the inner System to be traversed in a matter of hours rather than months. Poole Interfaces were towed out of Jupiter’s orbit and set up all over the System. The Jovian moons became hubs for interplanetary commerce. And Poole and his colleagues pushed further out. Return To Titan AD 3685 Prologue The spacecraft from Earth sailed through rings of ice. In its first week in orbit around Saturn it passed within a third of a million kilometres of Titan, Saturn’s...