Forty Rooms
Forty Rooms

ISBN: 9781101983096
Year of publication: 2016
Keywords: Contemporary Women Family Life

Forty Rooms

Olga Grushin

Modern Prose

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Olga Grushin FORTY ROOMS TO ALEX AND TASHA And it came to pass at the end of forty days, that Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made. Genesis 8:6 Be thine own palace, or the world thy jail. John Donne, “To Sir Henry Wotton” Part One Mythology 1. Bathroom The Tree at the Heart of the World The bathroom is the first place to emerge from the haze of nonbeing. It is cramped and smells sweet and changes from time to time. When the world outside hardens with dark and cold, the sky-blue tiles grow icy and sting my naked soles, but the pipes vibrate in a low, comforting hum and the water is hot and delightful; I dive into it with a heedless splash, rushing to slide into soapsuds up to my chin before the prickle of goose bumps overtakes me. Then the world swells stuffy and bright, and now the coolness of the floor feels nice, but the pipes lie chilled and inert; I watch the...