Bitter Gold Hearts
Bitter Gold Hearts

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Bitter Gold Hearts

Glen Cook


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Glen Cook Bitter Gold Hearts OGRE TOWN WAS QUIET AS DEATH— Until we sprang our attack on the citadel of the human plug-ugly nicknamed Gorgeous. This cold-blooded killer's pack of ogres had been wiping out some people I'd had a personal interest in keeping alive. Right from the start the battle seemed to be going just the way we'd planned. Then Gorgeous let loose with a roar that could wake the undead. I jumped him, but the damage was done. The stairs were already drumming to stamping feet. And then the ogre stampede arrived! There must have been twenty in the first rush. They pushed across the room, into the far wall. Even my grolls, hammering ogre heads from above, scarcely slowed them. And more and more ogres kept coming. It was looking really grim for my little army as Gorgeous shrieked hysterical, bloodthirsty orders. It was definitely time to try something desperate... . ____ I ____ There was nothing to do after I wrapped up...

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