The Long Mars
The Long Mars

ISBN: 9780062297297
Year of publication: 2014
Sequence of author: The long earth(№1)

The Long Mars

Stephen Baxter
Terry Pratchett

Science fiction

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The Long Mars Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter Richard Shailer Dedication For Lyn and Rhianna, as always T.P. For Sandra S.B. 1 The High Meggers: Remote worlds, most still unpopulated, even in the year 2045, thirty years after Step Day. Up there you could be utterly alone. One soul in an entire world. It did funny things to the mind, thought Joshua Valienté. After a few months alone you got so sensitive that you thought you could tell if another human, even just a single person, arrived to share your world. One other human, maybe on the other side of the planet. The Princess and the Pea wasn’t in it. And the nights were cold and big and the starlight was all aimed at you. And yet, Joshua thought, even on an empty world, under an empty sky, other people always crowded into your head. People like his estranged wife and his son, and his sometime travelling companion Sally Linsay,...