Realms of Light
Realms of Light

Year of publication: 101
Sequence of author: Carlisle hsing(№1)
Keywords: carlisle hsing mystery nighside city science fiction

Realms of Light

Lawrence Watt-Evans

Detective science fiction

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Lawrence Watt-Evans Realms of Light Chapter One I’m a creature of the night, born and raised ineternal darkness-except the darkness on Epimetheus wasn’t aseternal as I might have liked. That was why I left Nightside City,where I’d lived my entire life up to then, and came toPrometheus. And on Prometheus the darkness isn’t evenclose to eternal. What little darkness there is ends every eighteenhours at sunrise, then comes back again at sunset. What’s more, the normal Promethean businesshours are during daylight, two days out of every three. Some peoplego as far as adjusting their circadian rhythms to an eighteen-hourcycle, but most people use a twenty-four hour day, where three daysequal four cycles. Office hours come when daylight coincides withthe normal waking cycle, on two of those three days. I didn’t like it. I’d had bad experienceswith daylight, and didn’t care for it much, even when the sun wasso small and dim compared to what almost...