Stopping World War Three
Stopping World War Three

ISBN: 9781306383479
Year of publication: 2013
Keywords: Intrigue Middle East Mystery oil Spies and Politics Suspense wealth

Stopping World War Three

Stan Mason

Espionage, Political detective, Thriller

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Stan Mason STOPPING WORLD WAR THREE Chapter One If it wasn’t for Primar I would never have been involved at all. The odd fact was that I hardly knew the man. He was a casual acquaintance who had cross my path on a foreign holiday… nothing more. Nonetheless, Primar was the kind of man to cash in on a friendship… however slender the meeting might have been. I had regarded him as a pleasant individual, generous to a fault, who always insisted on buying the drinks as well as paying for excellent meals. He asked for nothing in return but I had to admit that I didn’t care too much for the fellow. He was relatively short, with black hair and large dark brown eyes which always seemed to look right through you like laser beams penetrating your mind to determine all your thoughts. All that I could remember was that he told me absolutely nothing about himself except that he was in business on his own account. Most of all, however, I dislike him mostly because of...