A Vision of Fire
A Vision of Fire

ISBN: 978476776521
Year of publication: 2014
Sequence of author: The earthend saga(№1)
Keywords: paranormal supernatural

A Vision of Fire

Jeff Rovin
Gillian Anderson

Hard detective, Science fiction

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Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin A VISION OF FIRE PROLOGUE Rocking gently under the full moon, the Falkland Advanced Petroleum survey ship rested in the harbor at Stanley. Its hull was weather-beaten after three weeks at sea, its sensitive below-deck sensors were rattled by the relentless waves, and its chief geologist was exhausted. But as he bent over the tiny lab table in his forward cabin, Dr. Sam Story could not stop staring at a rock the remote-controlled Deep Sea Grab Vehicle had pulled from a ledge on their last day in the South Atlantic. The silvery stone fit in his palm and was roughly the shape and thickness of a playing card. He had been studying it for more than an hour through a magnifying glass, slowly moving the lens up and down and side to side; the fifty-three-year-old geologist was finding it difficult to accept what he was seeing. Finally, the man sat upright on the stool, blinked his tired eyes, and thumbed on a small...