Meyer-Hofmann AG
Meyer-Hofmann AG

ISBN: 9781370072828
Year of publication: 2016
Keywords: action adult content DNA Family love Memory nazi scifi action suspence

Meyer-Hofmann AG

Jonathan Allen Taylor

Detective science fiction, Thriller

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Jonathan A. Taylor MEYER-HOFMANN AG 1 Crouched in the boat, two figures surveyed the island coastline and prepared for their landing. The cloudless night sky filled the North Atlantic bay with moonlight. A dormant ocean swell heaved upwards, its smooth back broken by the bow wave of the small craft. The sound of the outboard motor, which coughed and sputtered through the cold water, was drowned out by waves breaking over a rapidly approaching shoreline. The light ground fog had been visible from the sea, but now, even though it surrounded the men in its icy cloak, their night-vision glasses gave them a clear view of the route for their approach. Steering the boat expertly between the rocks and boulders that protected the island beach, they cut the motor and allowed the craft’s forward momentum to carry them to the shore. With only the sound of water slapping against the boat’s hull, their advance was undetected. They jumped from the boat and hit dry...