The Innsmouth Syndrome
The Innsmouth Syndrome

Year of publication: 2011
Keywords: Cthulhu Mythos Horror Lovecraftian horror Occult

The Innsmouth Syndrome

Philip Hemplow

Horror, Story

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Philip Hemplow THE INNSMOUTH SYNDROME It was only when the indicator light of the car in front began to blink that Carla realised how dark it was getting. The sky beyond the left side windows was still purple with sunset, but on the right it was already black and studded with stars. The other vehicle began to climb the sliproad, leaving her alone on the narrow two-lane. Carla flipped on the main beams and pressed her foot down, coaxing another ten miles per hour from the rented Honda. It was almost seven pm and she was supposed to be at the hotel already, but her plane had spent an extra hour in a holding pattern over Logan International because of some security scare. A missing pilot’s uniform or something. She hadn’t bothered to seek out the details. All she knew was that it meant she was going to arrive late; and she was tired, and she was hungry. The GPS chimed, interrupting the Handel concerto she’d found on one of the Boston stations. “In – two –...