Blood Hound
Blood Hound

Year of publication: 2016
Sequence of author: Alexi sokolsky: hound of eden(№1)
Keywords: MM Romance Mystery russian mafia sorcerer Supernatural wizard

Blood Hound

James Osiris Baldwin

Thriller, Urban fantasy, Mystic

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James Osiris Baldwin BLOOD HOUND Thank you for picking up Blood Hound! Join my mailing list and get your free copy of Burn Artist, the Hound of Eden Prequel: Books in the Alexi Sokolsky series Available now from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited Burn Artist | Book 0 Blood Hound | Book 1 Stained Glass | Book 2 *** Please note this book has a hyperlinked translation guide. Click any word with a link to see the meaning. Foreign words without a link have the translation in the same sentence.*** Chapter 1 One of the first things every new mage learns about magic is that—despite your newly discovered powers over the universe—you are forever a struggling speck of krill in a very large, very cold, very dangerous ocean. I was just one of many sharks swimming beneath the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan, a single quiet voice drowned by the incessant, pounding roar of the city. Tonight, the sensation of...