The Shield of Time
The Shield of Time

ISBN: 9780575108929
Year of publication: 2011
Sequence of author: Time patrol(№1)

The Shield of Time

Poul Anderson

Science fiction

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The Shield of Time Poul Anderson Part one: The Stranger That Is Within Thy Gates 1987 A.D. Maybe returning to New York on the day after he left it had been a mistake. Even here, just now, the springtime was too beautiful. A dusk like this was not one in which to sit alone, remembering. Rain had cleared the air for a while, so that through open windows drifted a ghost of blossoms and green. Lights and noises from the streets below were somehow softened, turned riverlike. Manse Everard wanted out. He might have gone for a walk in Central Park, pocketing a stun gun in case of trouble. No policeman of this century would know it for a weapon. Better, when he had lately seen too much violence—any amount was too much—he could have strolled downtown along a safe route till he ended in one or another of the little taverns he knew, for beer and homely companionship. If he chose to get away altogether, he could requisition a time-cycle at...

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