First Winter
First Winter

Year of publication: 2017
Sequence of author: Nuclear winter(№1)
Keywords: dystopian

First Winter

Nathan Jones


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Nathan Jones FIRST WINTER Best Laid Plans Recap First Winter, Book One of the Nuclear Winter series, continues the events of the five books in the Best Laid Plans series, which in order from first to last are Fuel, Shortage, Invasion, Reclamation, and Determination. This recap is included for those who haven’t had an opportunity to read Best Laid Plans, or would like to refresh their memory of the events that took place in that series. Best Laid Plans centers around the town of Aspen Hill in Central Utah, after an attack on the refineries along the Gulf of Mexico leaves the US out of fuel overnight. This leads to a crisis few saw coming that affects the whole country and the world at large. The story largely follows the main characters Trev Smith, his cousin Lewis Halsson, and their friend Matt Larson. Fuel begins at the time of the attack with Trev and Matt at college in Orem, while Lewis has a shelter on the outskirts of Aspen Hill where he’s...