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The Paths Of Incest
The Paths Of Incest

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The Paths Of Incest

Jack Benjamin

Erotic, Sex

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Jack Benjamin The Paths Of Incest Chapter 1 THE INCESTUAL FATHER Many experts state flatly that the most common form of incest is that which takes place between father and daughter. They point out that age has a great deal to do with this type of incest, for most father-daughter incest takes place at the point where the girl is approaching puberty and continues to be prevalent when girls are in their early teens. Once incest has been committed, the girl usually breaks off the relationship when she is exposed to the normal world of boy-girl relationships, or when she realizes that it is unnatural, or finds it personally or morally distasteful. However, a great many cases of mutually pleasing father-daughter incest are disrupted and terminated when the wife-mother discovers the situation. Seldom does the father involved, voluntarily end the relationship. The other common form of incest is that between brother and sister; yet, this usually...