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Wifes Anal Perversion
Wife's Anal Perversion

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Wife's Anal Perversion

Jerry Jones

Erotic, Sex

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Jerry Jones Wife's Anal Perversion Chapter 1 Carla looked at her husband Freddy. There he stood with his long, hard cock standing up at attention. She went over to it and began stroking him. "Honey," she suggested, "can't we try something different?" "I don't know," Freddy hesitated. "It makes me feel strange when you want to do different things." Carla, who was a stunning-looking redhead turned around and walked away from him. "Other men notice me," she told him, "whether I'm walking toward them or walking away they pay attention when I go by." "Sure, 'cause you wiggle your ass," Freddy said, getting hot. "I don't have to," Carla said turning around and glaring at him. "Just looking at me standing motionless will give them a hard-on." "You sure have a good opinion of yourself," he told her emphatically. "Your ego is gonna get you in big trouble." At that point Carla was tired of playing around. She wanted Freddy to fuck her and...