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The Intelligencer
The Intelligencer

Year of publication: 2016
Sequence of author: Sir law kintour mystery(№1)

The Intelligencer

J R Tomlin

Erotic, Sex

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J. R. Tomlin The Intelligencer Preface In medieval Scotland, a married woman continued to use her own family’s surname. She only assumed her husband’s surname if or when she was widowed when she took the title ‘Widow’ along with his surname. 1 "Careful you don't give her a good show," said Cormac the minstrel, lanky and grinning, one shoulder resting on the wall. "Wheesht. I'm giving no one a show," Sir Law Kintour said. He reached for a tiny jar sitting in the window and pulled out the cork, and released a sharp, musty smell. The canoness had told him that, if swallowed, it was poison, but when the cream was rubbed on his scars, it soothed them a bit. When there was a tap on the door, Cormac opened it. Anny Cullen stood there with a steaming bowl in her hands. At twelve, she had started to look much like her mother, sturdy and muscular. She smiled at him shyly. He watched as she put the bowl on the wobbly little table...