The Massacre of Mankind
The Massacre of Mankind

ISBN: 9781473205093
Year of publication: 2017
Keywords: alien invasion

The Massacre of Mankind

Stephen Baxter

Science fiction

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Stephen Baxter’s THE MASSACRE OF MANKIND A sequel to The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells To H.G. WELLS This Extending Of His Idea and The H.G. Wells Society ‘If astronomy teaches anything, it teaches that man is but a detail in the evolution of the universe, and that resemblant though diverse details are inevitably to be expected in the host of orbs around him. He learns that, though he will probably never find his double anywhere, he is destined to find any number of cousins scattered through space.’ Percival Lowell, Mars, 1895. ‘Despite a return to war-mongering and greed, still it seemed to me that humanity was on the verge of a deep apprehension of its place in the cosmos. The intellectual world was alive with speculation and hope. But then the Martians came again.’ Walter Jenkins, Narratives of the Martian Wars, 1913 & 1928. BOOK I THE RETURN OF THE MARTIANS 1 A CALL TO ARMS ...