Wild Cards 14 - Marked Cards
Wild Cards 14 - Marked Cards

Year of publication: 2012

Wild Cards 14 - Marked Cards

George RR Martin

Antique literature

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WILD CARDS EDITED BY GEORGE R.R. MARTINBook II of a New Cycle MARKED CARDSThe Color of His Skin by Stephen LeighPart 1"Ms. Davis, I promise you that I take the concerns of the jokers very seriously. I will do whatever needs to be done." Gregg Hartmann ushered the attractive and intense blond woman from his offices, sliding her out the door with a perfect blend of smile and frown. Yes, I understand the importance of what you've just shown me, his expression said. You've made the right decision. Really, you have ... "Hold my calls, Jo Ann," he said to his secretary after the outer door closed. A soft, strangely inflected "Gotcha, boss" followed him as he closed the mahogany doors to his private office. The way she said it made him look back, but Jo Ann only smiled at him. Jo Ann was a minor joker, a woman whose only visible affliction was that her skin was as green and warty as a fairy tale witch's - and her tongue as sharp. Gregg had always had joker secretaries; it was expected...