The Scandalous Duchess
The Scandalous Duchess

ISBN: 9781472010391
Year of publication: 2014
Keywords: Contemporary Fiction General Historical Romance

The Scandalous Duchess

Anne OBrien

Antique literature

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Praise for the author ANNE O’BRIEN ‘An absolutely gripping tale that is both superbly written and meticulously researched’ —The Sun ‘The characters are larger than life…and the author a compulsive storyteller. A little fictional embroidery has been worked into history, but the bones of the book are true.’ —Sunday Express ‘This book has everything–royalty, scandal, fascinating historical politics and, ultimately, the shaping of the woman who founded the Tudors.’ —Cosmopolitan ‘O’Brien has excellent control over the historical material and a rich sense of characterisation, making for a fascinating and surprisingly female-focused look at one of the most turbulent periods of English history.’ —Publishers Weekly ‘Better than Philippa Gregory’ —The Bookseller ‘Another excellent read from the ever-reliable Anne O’Brien. Strong characters and a great setting make this highly recommended.’ —The Bookbag ‘Anne O’Brien is fast becoming one of Britain’s most popular and talented...