ISBN: 9780553448122
Year of publication: 2017
Keywords: heist Moon


Andy Weir

Detective science fiction, Science fiction, Thriller

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Andy Weir ARTEMIS For Michael Collins, Dick Gordon, Jack Swigert, Stu Roosa, Al Worden, Ken Mattingly, and Ron Evans. Because those guys don’t get nearly enough credit. Maps 1 I bounded over the gray, dusty terrain toward the huge dome of Conrad Bubble. Its airlock, ringed with red lights, stood distressingly far away. It’s hard to run with a hundred kilograms of gear on—even in lunar gravity. But you’d be amazed how fast you can hustle when your life is on the line. Bob ran beside me. His voice came over the radio: “Let me connect my tanks to your suit!” “That’ll just get you killed too.” “The leak’s huge,” he huffed. “I can see the gas escaping your tanks.” “Thanks for the pep talk.” “I’m the EVA master here,” Bob said. “Stop right now and let me cross-connect!” “Negative.” I kept running. “There was a pop right before the leak alarm. Metal fatigue. Got to be the valve assembly. If...