Sequence of author: Vlad taltos(№1)


Steven Brust

Detective science fiction

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Dedication  For Reesa, with love (обратно) ACKNOWLEDGMENTS   My thanks to Reesa Brown and Neil Gaiman for launching this one, and to Anne Gray for handling so many irritating details so I could work on it. Robert Sloan created much of the background of what became Dragaera, for which I am, as always, grateful. Thank you to Bethani at Twin Peaks, Round Rock, for keeping me supplied with coffee while I worked on this one. I very much appreciate the lessons in tournament poker from Adam “Hatfield13” Stemple and Chris “Pokerfox” Wallace.     (обратно) Prologue     Sethra greeted me with the words, “There’s someone I’d like you to meet, Vlad.” I had expected something more like, “What are you doing here?” as I’d shown up at Dzur Mountain without any advance warning. But then, if Sethra Lavode had been...