The Parched Sea
The Parched Sea

Sequence of author: The harpers(№1)

The Parched Sea

Troy Denning


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The Parched Sea Troy Denning For Barry, who’s always been a great brother. Acknowledgements I would like to thank Jon Pickens for burying me beneath a mountain of research material, all of which proved crucial; Jim Lowder for being so courteous with his scalpel; Lloyd Holden of AKF Martial Arts in Janesville, WI for recognizing the techniques in the fight scenes; and most especially Andria Hayday, for not killing me in my sleep when the words wouldn’t come. One Ruha woke abruptly, unsure of what had disturbed her languorous nap. The young woman lay next to her sleeping husband, their bodies touching at the hip and shoulder. She turned to look at his weathered face. Ajaman had the rough skin and thick mustache of a mature man, but his hairless chest was young, lean, and muscular. He was the only man Ruha had ever seen undressed. As the young wife gazed at her husband, her vision suddenly blurred. An instant later, it cleared and the face of another man appeared in place...

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