Red Magic
Red Magic

Sequence of author: The harpers(№1)

Red Magic

Jean Rabe


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Red Magic By Jean Rabe To Bruce, for his patience and encouragement. And to the RPGA™ Network, an organization not unlike the Harpers. One The crimson-draped figure paced in the damp, circular chamber, his well-rehearsed path carrying him through the darkness shrouding the smooth stone wall and to an ancient bronze incense burner. He bent over the antique from Moonshae to permit the acrid vapors to spiral upward from the basin’s scented coals into the shadowed recesses of his hood. He drew the smoky gray tendrils deep into his lungs while the haze from the burner and the room’s lone, fat-soaked torch danced around his flowing robes. Maligor’s garb was similar to that worn by all of the Red Wizards of Thay—dark red, the color of blood oozing from a deep, fresh wound. The robe’s many folds concealed his form; the sleeves hung several inches below the tips of his thin, pale fingers, and the hood obscured his gaunt, wrinkled face. The embroidered hem, which draped on the polished...

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