The Fall of the Russian Empire
The Fall of the Russian Empire

ISBN: 9780586057452
Year of publication: 2015
Keywords: History Russia and Former Soviet Republics War

The Fall of the Russian Empire

Donald James

Alternative history, Political detective, Thriller, On War

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Donald James THE FALL OF THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE For Robert Frank Wheal Prologue The château stood above the village, a cluster of turrets and square pigeonniers. A pair of white doves circled it, brilliant in the sunshine. I drove under the clock tower and stopped the car in the cobbled courtyard. On both sides arched openings in stone barns gave into a darkness where cattle stirred. As I got out of the car a man descended the stone staircase ahead. He was in his sixties, slightly built. I crossed the courtyard towards him. “Monsieur le Marquis de Nerval?” “Yes.” He inclined his head with grave politeness. “I wrote to you to ask if I might come and see you,” I said. “My name is Georges de Nerval.” We shook hands. “Georges de Nerval,” he shook his head, smiling now. “Yet you are not French?” “No,” I said, “I’m Russian. I was born in Moscow during the events of the nineteen eighties. That much I know.” “And you’ve come here in the...