A Good Day for Seppuku
A Good Day for Seppuku

ISBN: 9780872867215
Year of publication: 2018
Keywords: Contemporary Women Family Life Short Stories (Single Author)

A Good Day for Seppuku

Kate Braverman

Modern Prose

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Kate Braverman A GOOD DAY FOR SEPPUKU SHORT STORIES O’HARE I love O’Hare Airport, with its unpredictable weather and constant gate and terminal changes. This is where I board my plane to Los Angeles. O’Hare is a zone with variables that can’t be controlled. Cell phone service ceases and nobody can tell me no. I wander corridors that end in cul-de-sacs where I sit alone in alcoves. Loudspeakers announce implausible destinations like Madrid, Prague and Tokyo. I pretend I’m someone else. I have a red or black passport, a different genetic code and a suitcase full with lace mantillas and hand-embroidered shawls. I’m subject to random acts of nature — lightning storms, tornadoes and lethal black ice. But that’s at a distance so vast it’s incomprehensible and irrelevant. It’s the summer of my 13th year and I’m supposed to make my decision. I must choose which parents I’ll live with for high school and what foreign language I’ll learn. I’m officially a...