Silver Shadows
Silver Shadows

Sequence of author: The harpers(№1)
Sequence of author: Songs & swords(№1)

Silver Shadows

Elaine Cunningham


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Silver Shadows Elaine Cunningham To Marilyn and Henk, just because. Prelude Night fell quickly in the Forest of Tethir, and the caravan guards cast wary glances into the tall, dense foliage that walled either side of the trade route. The sounds of the forest seemed to grow louder, more ominous, as the darkness closed in around them. Overhead, the ancient trees met in a canopy too thick for the waning moon to penetrate, but the merchants pressed on, lighting torches and lanterns when their horses began to stumble. The dim circle of firelight did little to push back the darkness or to assuage the merchants’ unease. Their own torch-cast shadows seemed to taunt them, flickering capriciously and appearing as if they might at any moment break away and slip off into the trees. There was an eeriness to this forest that made such things seem possible. All of the travelers had heard stories of the Watchers of Tethir, and there wasn’t a man or woman in the caravan who did not feel...