Sequence of author: The harpers(№1)
Sequence of author: Songs & swords(№1)


Elaine Cunningham


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Thornhold Elaine Cunningham To my father, who, unlike Hronulf, Dag, and Khelben, was always there. Prelude 27 Tarsakh, 927 DR Two young wizards stood on a mountaintop, staring with awe at the terrible outcome of their combined magic. Before them lay a vast sweep of spring grasses and mountain wildflowers. Moments before, they had beheld an ancient and besieged keep. The keep was gone, as were the powerful creatures who had taken refuge within. Gone, too, were any survivors—sacrificed to the war against the demons that spilled up from the depths of nearby Ascalhorn. Gone, leaving no marks but those etched in the memories of the two men who had brought about this destruction. They were both young men, but there the similarities ended. Renwick “Snowcloak” Caradoon was small and slight, with fine features and a pale, narrow face. He was clad entirely in white, and his flowing cloak was richly embroidered with white silk threads and lined with the snowy fur of winter ermine....