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Sisters Rape Lesson
Sister's Rape Lesson

Sequence of author: Bondage book(№1)

Sister's Rape Lesson

J T Watson

Erotic, Sex

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J. T. Watson SISTER’S RAPE LESSON Tracy Dixon crossed her pretty legs and looked about her with an expression of nervousness. Although she had been warned by her sister Maggie of what to expect in the offices of Parker and Hudson, she still had not been ready for the lush carpeted offices where famous people passed casually. She had already noticed a couple of television personalities and some faces that she’d never seen before except in newspapers or in magazines. “Miss Dixon,” the willowy blonde secretary spoke sharply. “Mr. Hudson will see you now.” Tracy tried to control her nervousness as she walked from the waiting room into the inner office of Mr. Hudson. Maggie had told her all about him except how young he was. Tracy was surprised to see a handsome young man seated behind the big desk. “Have a seat,” he said. “I’ll be with you in just a second.” Tracy sat across from him and crossed her legs again. She hoped she looked all right. She had...