Strange Toys
Strange Toys

Year of publication: 2018

Strange Toys

Patricia Geary


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Patricia Geary STRANGE TOYS To my Tramp Family I would like people to simply blank their minds and not to see with their eyes only, but with their whole being. Unfortunately, people like only what they fully understand. But once you understand something, it becomes a thing of the mind only. It no longer touches the heart. —Ushio Amagatsu ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Thanks to the Bunting Institute for my Carnegie-Mellon Fellowship. And thanks to the LSU Research Program for my Summer Stipend. PART I Chapter One June and I were lashing together poodle tepees, assembled from dried anise stalks, when we saw the saddle-oxford sheriff’s car cruise up the hill, past the lemon grove we were sitting in, and down the sweep of our driveway. “I bet they got her.” June barely looked up from her tepee, which was considerably better constructed than mine. The tip of her tongue protruded crossways; she was...

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