Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Second Part
Paladin of the Holy Kingdom (Second Part)

ISBN: 9784047349476
Year of publication: 2018
Sequence of author: Overlord(№1)
Sequence of publisher: オーバーロード

Paladin of the Holy Kingdom (Second Part)

Kugane Maruyama

Namorax Nigel


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Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Chapter 4: The Siege Part 1 Winter’s end was a long ways off, and the air was cold, though he did not feel it. That was thanks to his fur. His entire body was covered in lustrous black fur, and wearing a set of clothes on top of that would provide for excellent insulation. He would not shiver even if he wore a suit of metallic full plate armor instead. However, he was shivering for a different reason now. That reason was anger. Calling that tremendous anger “wrath” would not be too far off. A low growl escaped him — like that which a carnivorous beast would make — and he clicked his tongue in embarrassment. For members of his race ― the Zoastia ― making animal noises was proof that they could not control their emotions; a shameful display for an adult. However, that was only among fellow members of his species. Anyone else who heard that growl leak from...

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