I am going to meet my brother
I am going to meet my brother

Year of publication: 1968

I am going to meet my brother

Vladislav Krapivin


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I'M GOING TO MEET MY BROTHER Vladislav Krapivin Watch for the "Magellan" I Whoever has been to Konsata must remember the steep narrow steps down the cliffs. They start from a colonnade at the top and lead down to the sea. At the bottom there is just a narrow strip of shore between them and the water. Covered with porous rocks and shingle, this strip stretches along the yellow-white cliffs from South Valley right up to the North Point, where the obelisk to dead astronauts pierces the sky like an inclined needle. It is a pleasant spot to collect the coloured stones rounded and smoothed by the waves, and to hunt for the fierce black crabs. The boys from the school whose grounds lie to the south of Ratal Cosmodrome, always stop here for a while on their way home. They cram their pockets with treasures whose value adults never have understood, and never will, and then run up the steep steps, which they prefer to the escalator that climbs the...

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