An Affair of Outposts
An Affair of Outposts


An Affair of Outposts

Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce

Classical prose

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An Affair of Outposts by Ambrose Bierce Chapter I Two men sat in conversation. One was the Governor of the State. The year was 1861; the war was on and the Governor already famous for the intelligence and zeal with which he directed all the powers and resources of his State to the service of the Union. “What! you?” the Governor was saying in evident surprise—“you too want a military commission? Really, the fifing and drumming must have effected a profound alteration in your convictions. In my character of recruiting sergeant I suppose I ought not to be fastidious, but”—there was a touch of irony in his manner—“well, have you forgotten that an oath of allegiance is required?” “I have altered neither my convictions nor my sympathies,” said the other, tranquilly. “While my sympathies are with the South, as you do me the honor to recollect, I have never doubted that the North was in the right. I am a Southerner in fact and in feeling, but it is my...