Antonina Or, The Fall of Rome
Antonina; Or, The Fall of Rome

Year of publication: 2002
Keywords: 3rd-6th centuries -- Fiction Goths -- Fiction Historical fiction Rome -- History -- Germanic invasions

Antonina; Or, The Fall of Rome

Wilkie Collins

Classical prose, Historical prose

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ANTONINA OR, THE FALL OF ROME by WILKIE COLLINS  PREFACE In preparing to compose a fiction founded on history, the writer of these pages thought it no necessary requisite of such a work that the principal characters appearing in it should be drawn from the historical personages of the period. On the contrary, he felt that some very weighty objections attached to this plan of composition. He knew well that it obliged a writer to add largely from invention to what was actually known—to fill in with the colouring of romantic fancy the bare outline of historic fact—and thus to place the novelist's fiction in what he could not but consider most unfavourable contrast to the historian's truth. He was further by no means convinced that any story in which historical characters supplied the main agents, could be preserved in its fit unity of design and restrained within its due limits of development, without some falsification or confusion of historical...